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Cooking Products

  • Misty Gully BBQ Smoker Box
  • Misty Gully BBQ Smoker Box
  • Convert any Hooded BBQ or Grill into a smoker!

    Simply add chips, pellets or dust, place on your grill near the heat source and allow to smoke.

    Stainless steel, quality design. Easy to use and clean.

    The easy way to give you meals a full smoky flavour to enhance the taste of your favorite dish.

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  • $12.95 
  • Coconut Oil Tastless
  • Coconut Oil Tastless
  • 700ml
  • Code: 1004
  • Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

    Known as the healthiest oil on the planet, several books have been written about the healing properties of coconut oil. In particular, coconut oil is well suited to:

    • Aiding weight loss
    • Preventing premature aging by rejuvenating the skin
    • Improving brain function and memory by supporting neural pathways
    • Enhancing immune function
    • Supporting nutrient absorption and digestion
    • Aiding in the treatment of conditions such as Diabetes, Chronic Fatigue, and Fibromyalgia
    • Hydrating the skin and hair
    • Treating bacteria, fungi and viral infections
    • Defending against Chron's Disease, IBS, & other Digestive Disorders
    • Promoting a healthy thyroid function 
    • Optimising cholesterol levels
    • Boosting energy levels





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