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Misty Gully Cure #1 - 2%, 500g

Misty Gully Cure #1 - 2%, 500g
  • Code: CURE#1-2%
  • $10.95

Cure #1 - 2%  is a low level nitrite cure that has been specially formulated for use in semi dried sausages, fish and making your own jerky. It has a lower level of nitrite compared to the standard Cure#1 (6.25%) and this is due to the shorter curing times required. We suggest using this cure for curing times of 48 hours or less. 

Made in Australia from at least 97% Australian ingredients. 

Warning: Contains Sodium Nitrite 6.25% W/W. ~98% regular salt. It is dyed pink for safety reasons. Do not ingest directly. Use only as Directed 

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